5 Best Calendar Apps for Homeschooling

Calendar apps can make a big difference in keeping things running smoothly in your homeschool.

Google Calendar

The ever-versatile Google Calendar may not be built for homeschooling, but it’s still a smart choice.

Homeschool Tracker

Lesson planning is the perfect use case for a calendar app like Homeschool Tracker. It makes it easy to create recurring assignments, dig into their details, and give grades to your homeschooler.

Homeschool Planet

Another unique feature of Homeschool Planet is digital storage that automatically backs up data like lesson plans.

Homeschool Manager

Lets you view your plan by day, week, or month. You can even print out your schedule to hang on the fridge.


Lessontrek’s differentiator is in its broad set of integrations. Its homeschool planning software is compatible with both Google Calendar and Slack.