100 Things to Do This Winter with Your Family

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

Winter is upon us.

We’ll be living with months of snow and cold which has made us quite good at finding things to do outside and inside.

Things to Do Outside

Skating Down hill skiing Cross county skiing Tobogganing Sledding

Snowball fight Build a snowman Snowman building contest  Hot Chocolate outside Build an igloo

Go for a hike in the snow Shovel driveway Roll down a hill Dog Walking Dog sled ride Ski-do rides

Things to Do Inside

Play board games Read a book Watch a movie

Make Eggnog Make sugar cookies Make paper chains Write a letter to Santa Make marshmallows for your chocolate

Make paper snowflakes Have a Christmas sweater day Make Christmas gift tags Drink Eggnog

Public Library Museum Science Centre Human Society / SPCA to volunteer

Places to Go

Playground Park A book store To the movies To a play