Secular Homeschool Planners

Finding actually secular homeschool planners isn’t easy. Let me help you find one that works for you.

Happy Planner

Because we’re just in the early elementary grades and my girls work together I don’t need a lot of space in my planner.

Homeschool Planet Planner

I have used the Homeschool Planet planner (online only), and it works amazingly if you don’t want paper.

A+ Homeschool Planner

Suitable to a variety of planning preferences, this homeschool planner will help you manage your home classroom.

The Wizard Homeschool Planner

created because you do not always need something elaborated, sometimes you just want a simple layout that is in a checklist format and that is what this gives you along with options to make it fit your needs.

Order Out of Chaos

The academic planners look like they would be great for teaching your child time management skills. And the price is awesome!