Wizard’s Brew Halloween Fun

Mix up a bubbly brew in a potions lab fit for any little wizard or witch with an awesome Halloween chemistry experiment and science activity.

This would make a fun Halloween theme science experiment. Use some spooky, Halloween colors for your food color. Orange. Black. Dark green. Red (blood).

What You Need: – vinegar – glass jar – food color – dish soap – baking soda – glitter (optional)

You’re going to start with your jar (or in our case an old glass candle jar) half-filled with vinegar, with a few drops of color added to it. Squeeze in some dish soap, give it a stir.

Now add a heaping spoonful of baking soda.

The dish soap makes it bubble rather than the quick fizz. A nice volcano eruption. It is not a quick erupt and done but lasts for a few minutes.

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