How Homeschool can be Less Stressful than School

How Homeschool can be Less Stressful than School

The biggest most stressful thing about spending my daughter to school was having to have my eye on the clock.

Getting up on time Getting to the bus stop on time Being at the bus stop after school

More things you don't have to stress about:

A Lack of Bullying

No packing lunch

More family time

No dress code

School Rules

We've got no rules but our own rules!

With Homeschooling:  No more rushing out the door in the morning before we’ve had a chance to really wake up, no more looking for lost homework or shoes. Kids can get all the sleep that their growing bodies need.


You won't be staying completely germfree but you probably aren’t getting sick every week, and missing learning time that can’t be made up.


Technically there is no homework because all work is done at home, but at least you'll know what the work is, what they are supposed to do, and how to do it.