Why You Need A Dedicated Homeschool Email

I’m going to tell you why you need to create one for your homeschool this year. An email that you only use for homeschool-related things.

I recommend having a separate email address for all homeschool related emails. This way you don’t have to

Having just all things Google Classroom in your email is going to save you from missing something.

How do you submit your information, such as educational plans, and progress reports to your school board or governing body? I send emails.

Do you take pictures of your kids doing school? Their projects and experiments? Set up a private Instagram account with your homeschool email address.

Using your dedicated homeschool email address to buy digital curriculum which is where your sign-up information will land can save you a lot of headaches and search down the road.

You can make your email whatever you want, have you named your homeschool? That could be your email address. There are other benefits to naming your homeschool besides an email address.

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