When the Homeschool Mom is Sick

What happens when the teacher is sick? In a public school, they call in a substitute teacher, but when you, the homeschool mom is sick, what then? What happens to your carefully planned out day?

It helps to be prepared for the common cold or to battle the flu. You might want to have a small plan for when you are sick.

Watch educational movies or documentaries.

Whether they are curling up with a pile book of their own, or you are all taking turns reading.

Having good arts and crafts supplies on hand can make this much easier.

Hull out the board games that have been gathering dust, or card games that haven’t been used in a while.

Maybe you aren’t normally workbook users but having some on hand for sick days can be useful, or go online and print a few off.

Relax, and have a quiet day without worrying about homeschooling. It is not going to hurt, it might just give everyone the rest they need.

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