How A Homeschool Mom can Earn Money

As a homeschool mom I am always looking for and interested in ways to earn an income from home. And I have been successful at it in different ways and I want to help you homeschool moms do the same.

Blogging – Long Term

Blogging is not a great rich quick thing. I’m definitely not rich, but do make enough from ads and the occasional sponsored post to pay for the cost of running it.

Earn Money Babysitting

You could also look at providing before/after school care which might fit with homeschooling so much better, or offer occasional care for other homeschool families.

Become a Reseller

It is fun and easy. Like with all work at home jobs there is a learning curve but it doesn’t take long to pick it up. Both eBay and Amazon allow you to sell items online to their huge audience.

Swagbucks and Rakuten (Ebates)

Both are in the form of rebates or gift cards but it is a way to add money to your pocketbook all the same

Selling Crafts to Earn Money

If you are a creative person you can start selling your handmade items on a number of different sites and earn money to pay for the craft materials but also for the time and effort you put into them.

Teachers Pay Teachers

If you make your own curriculum or teaching resources you can sell those on Teachers Pay Teachers. I started doing this a year ago and have been happy with my results there.