Summer Sunscreen Activity

This is the perfect way to explain the importance of sunscreen to your kids with this sun protection activity.

What you need: – construction paper – sunscreen

– spray the balm of your hand – press it onto the paper before it dries – set the paper out in the sun

What you do....

How long you leave it out is up to you. Try to keep it for the length of time that you spend outside.

We left ours out for two hours, the recommended time to go before reapplying. Sooner if you are in the water, whether swimming or jumping through a sprinkler.

When your skin gets damaged by the sun’s rays, it makes even more melanin to try to protect your skin from being damaged even more.

Make sure that you talk about the importance of sunscreen and protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays with your kids. We wear hats at all times, and sunscreen when we go out for any period of time.