Simply Delicious Skor Bars

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This Skor bar recipe is going to be the hit of any pot-luck or party that you serve them at. They are an easy treat to make, rich and full of flavor. They are one of our favorite treats to make during the holiday season.

What you need:

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– 1 box Ritz Crackers – 1 can Sweeten Condensed Milk – 1 bag Skor Bits – 4 Aero Bars

Start by crushing a bag of Ritz crackers. Crush them up really well, think tiny bits.

How to make Skor Bars

Dump them into a bowl and add in the condensed milk and Skor bits – leave about 1/4 cup for later, and mix well.

Press into a greased 8X8 pan and bake at 350 for 10 – 15 minutes. It will not really change color (darken) but it will become more firm to the touch.

As soon as your remove the crust from the oven dump the Aero bars on top so they melt. Spread it out with a spatula.

Once the chocolate is spread, sprinkle remaining Skor bits over the top.

Refrigerate until set. Cut them into bars, serve them at home as dessert.