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Secular Science Curriculum

Secular science curriculum is not easy to find. It goes back to the fact that the majority of homeschoolers are homeschooling from a religious point of view.

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Choosing a Secular Science Curriculum

A lot of curriculum out there that I like and have just skipped over the religious aspects, but science isn’t one of them. 

We are learning about evolution and science, not creation.

Secular curriculum only discusses religious beliefs from an anthropological perspective. It is not faith-neutral (this becomes important especially when discussing science and history curricula). It does not posit biblical/religious beliefs as historical facts.

How to Choose A Curriculum – secular / religious view – digital or print – independent learning or guided learning – common core or non-common core – availability – is hands on learning included

Hands on Science Experiments

Hands-on learning science experiments are favorites in our homeschool. Turn the kitchen upside down by doing a science experiment with your kids.

Science experiments are a great way to get all your kids involved in the learning and to teach multiple ages at once.