Secular Curriculum Science

Secular science curriculum is not easy to find. It goes back to the fact that the majority of homeschoolers are homeschooling from a religious point of view.

How to Choose A Curriculum

– secular / religious view – digital or print – independent learning or guided learning – common core or non-common core – availability – these are available in Canada – is hands-on learning included?

You also need to decide what you want to be taught in your homeschool. I teach my kids about evolution and scientific thinking.

Classic Science Curriculum, Mr. Q High school science includes (free) Life Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physical Science, Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Biology, Advanced Earth Science, and Advanced Physical Science.

Real Science Odyssey Each of their science courses spans a range of grade levels, the content can be modified based on your student’s academic needs.

Fascinating Education Students get to understand science concepts instead of just memorizing them. Using images and narration to explain difficult concepts.

Doctor Robin’s School Dr. Robin created this curriculum after she realized, as a homeschool mom herself, that there was no biology curriculum out there that didn’t require the parent to learn the curriculum material first before teaching it.

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