Science Experiments

for Kids

Science experiments make learning fun, and helps your child retain information.

Walking Water

Heart Pumping Science

Shark Buoyancy

This shark buoyancy is another great animal science experiment for animal lovers.


Bouncy Egg Experiment

Science can be a lot of fun. Making a bouncy egg is fun, especially since we all have experienced what happens when you drop an egg on the floor and what kind of mess that makes.


Snow Storm in a Jar

The weather is changing out here, it’s getting colder with winter coming, and we have actually had a couple morning with snow on the ground. Snow Storm in A Jar is easy, and fun science experiment to do with your kids.

Get messy with this fun wizard's brew. Mix and stir, say a little chant like you're a witch or wizard to have some Halloween fun!

Wizard’s Brew


Simple Mini Donuts