Nature Study Projects

The best projects start with an interest your child is showing, you may also do nature study projects that aim to investigate and solve a problem.

Nature study projects can be designed to fit your family and your timeline, but there are some steps that will help guide the process.

Take some time to be outside and see what questions naturally arise. You may also get an idea from a book you are reading.

When you decide on your topic, head to the library, bookstore, Amazon, YouTube, or your Handbook of Nature Study.

Whenever possible, plan to experience something about the topic.

Be sure to document the new information and observations your child is making. You can do this with watercolors in an art notebook or a simple spiral-bound notebook where your kids write down what they have learned.

Encourage your child to share what they have learned. This can be informal with friends or a formal display with a local homeschool group.

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