Measuring & Cooking Terms for Kids

Whenever we’re in the kitchen we always seem to come across a cooking term that I have to explain the meaning of to my kids. I have included some of them in the image below.

It can be confusing for little learners to find the right one but this is how they learn. Laugh with them, be patient and show them what the numbers will look like on the spoon or sup to help them along.

Measuring Cups & Spoons

I did not look forward to teach fractions because I had a hard time grasping them in school. But here we took to the kitchen because what is cooking and baking if not math?

Even for little ones, it can be fun and a great time to work on counting.  Littles love to count how many scoops (cups or spoon fulls) need to go into the bowl or pot.

My kids love getting in the kitchen and helping Hubby or I while we are cooking supper or baking something. We have been working on getting them in the kitchen more and more, giving them more to try and do.

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