How to Plan a Backyard Summer Camp

We love spending the summer playing in our yard and exploring our yard. We’re going to be having fun this summer with our own Backyard Summer Camp, and hope you’ll join us.

Planning a Backyard Summer Camp

– Decide on a theme. – Decide on how many different activities you want to do each day and/or week. – Decide on a budget! – Make sure you know what you can accomplish, don’t plan long days if you have other commitments (ie. work)

How to Schedule your Activities

Not all summer camps are day and night, all week long.  Make your DIY backyard summer camp what you want, what fits your schedule and wants.

What Activities to Plan

I like to plan different levels of intensity through the week so that we have room to relax and go and do other things if something comes up.

More Summer Camp Ideas

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