donair sauce

donair sauce

donair sauce

donair sauce

How to Make Sweet Donair Sauce

This is another amazingly easy, delicious condiment that screams East Coast of Canada. This is a sweet donair sauce recipe that we make occasionally. 

– 1 can evaporated milk – 3/4 cup of sugar – 2 tsp garlic powder – 7 tbsp vinegar

Donair Sauce Ingredients

Mix the first three ingredients together in a container. Slowly add vinegar. Adding a tablespoon at a time.

Adding too much of the vinegar will cause you to have runny donair sauce. The consistency of your evaporated milk will effect how much vinegar you need.

What is Donair Sauce for?

Garlic Fingers

Homemade Donair Poutine Recipe

Donair Pizza


This air fryer donair calzone was amazing! There is something about the air fryer that makes great food even better than when cooked in an oven.