How to Grow Candy Canes this Christmas

What You Need:

tic-tacs  sugar candy canes – a container to “plant” in

It’s really simple, really fun, especially when your kids are younger and still truly believe in the magic of Christmas.

How to Start

Fill up your container with sugar.

Then take your seeds and start planting them.

After they were planted we had to figure out where to put them for them to grow. They decided on the fridge. Where it is dark and cold, which is how they figured the North Pole is, where Santa, of course, is

This is a great chance to let your kids take the lead and their imagination grow.

Later that night, those seeds grew magically into seeds. We must have had really fast-growing seeds but yours don’t have to.

You can easily draw the growing of your seeds out.  One way to do this is to use mints, that way the round tops look similar to the roundness of the candy canes.