Arctic Animals Stay Warm

We are going to experience just how these animals stay warm.

What child isn’t wondering how arctic animals stay warm considering we make our kids wear layers of clothing in the winter and the animals just have fur.

This is a great arctic animal for kids activity to demonstrate how penguins, polar bears, and other arctic animals stay warm with their layers of fat.

What we did to learn how animals stay warm in icy water:

We put a large bowl of water into the freezer to let it get extra cold and then added the ice cubes. We put a bare hand into the icy water first, just to get an idea of how cold the water really was.

Wrap your hand in shortening, make a shortening glove if you will.

This is a fun activity for kids. We did it in the middle of the winter, so it’s fresh in our minds just how cold it can be in the winter cold.