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Homeschool Binder Organization

I started using my homeschool binder organization a couple years ago when we started using BookShark.

It turns out using a smaller binder for organizing our homeschool papers was the best idea I could have had. It streamlined our school organization.

I recommend using a 1 1/2-inch binder to get started, and you can always get a larger one later if you need it.

What You'll Keep in Your Homeschool Binder:

There are many different things that you may wish to keep in your homeschool binder depending on what you are required to keep and report to your school board.

– goals and plans for the year - outcomes to reach – schedule - what you work on each day – attendance – reading list – field trips – extra-curricular activities

Here are the possibilities:

Homeschool Subject Binder

Using dividers clearly labeled for each section, you can quickly flip to the subject that you are going to be working on next

– history - social studies in Canada – language arts – math – science – art – health

Once a month I sit down with our binders and move four weeks of IG pages from our huge BookShark binder to my smaller planner binder.

I move the work samples I want to keep for each child to their portfolio binders. Simple and not time-consuming– just the way I like it.

Each child has their own binder with their worksheets. Similar to my homeschool binder, the subjects are separated by a divider to make finding each subject easy.