Frugal Staycation Ideas

Summer vacation is here for schools, and for those homeschoolers that follow the public school schedule. Plan a frugal staycation.

Find a great playground or park to enjoy, take some toys or balls to play with to spend a day at a park. Take a picnic so you don’t have to leave for lunch or supper.

We are planning on getting rid of our camping gear when we sell, but first, we’re going to go camping, in the backyard. Or at least the Husband and kids will. I’ll be in the house.

The library always has different activities happening. Whether it is an afternoon matinee for the kids or the whole family.

Everyone loves to visit the zoo. The zoo is a great place to check out some of the animals that you may have learned about through your homeschool year.

Bowling is one of our favorite things to go do. It isn’t that expensive for an hour or two of fun.

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