Creating Independence in Our Homeschool

We are in year five of using Teaching Textbooks in our house this year. We have been using it for creating independence in our homeschool for all of us.

Teaching Textbooks gives the students “hints” and another try. Then, they can watch the entire problem being taught step-by-step audio-visual solutions for them being taught WITH step-by-step.

What makes it easy to use: – each child has the app on their tablets – our main computer has each level app just in case they “forget” to charge their tablets – I get an email each morning from the day before to keep me up to date on their progress and grades – I can easily delete a lesson if I decide a student needs to repeat it.  – they get hints and solutions first before they need my help

Teaching Textbooks offers 10 different levels for us to keep going throughout the rest of our homeschool days.

As my kids get older digital curriculum has become a favorite of mine. Not just because my kids are getting older and I’d rather let the professionals cover topics I’m unfamiliar with, but because it is great for fostering independence.

Have you tried using a digital curriculum in your homeschool such as Teaching Textbooks? They have a trial where you can try out the level your child needs.