Create A Homeschool Schedule

Creating a homeschool schedule can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many different ways to organize your time and make learning fun.

While high schoolers need significantly more structure than younger children, and no child needs to spend more than four to five hours a day on schoolwork.

We plan lighter days for Wednesday and Friday so I don’t feel like we are rushing, or getting upset that no one is moving fast enough.

Are you going to follow the public school calendar? We try to finish our year between the middle and end of May.

Please don’t try to teach every subject every day. For example: math and language arts are every day, but science is Tuesday, history on Thursday, etc.

I like paper planners. Writing things out in colored, erasable pencils helps me to see things more clearly and stick to a plan. Maybe you like digital planners instead.

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