Brownie in A Mug

A brownie in a mug is the perfect thing for that it is the easy, perfect one-person dessert.

Ingredients: – 4 tbsp flour – 4 tbsp sugar – 2 tbsp cocoa – 2 tbsp water – 2 tbsp canola oil – 1 tsp vanilla

Get a microwave or oven-safe mug or, I like to use, ramekins.

Mix together the ingredients. The order doesn’t much matter. Mix well.

In the microwave for 1 minute or until a toothpick comes out clean. If 1 minute doesn’t do it, put it back in for 10 seconds and recheck, repeat until cooked through.

Delicious! It is light and chocolaty! There is nothing like quick and easy desserts for one to turn your day and night around after a long, hard day.

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