Bouncy Egg


Science can be a lot of fun. Making a bouncy egg is fun, especially since we all have experienced what happens when you drop an egg on the floor and what kind of mess that makes, but what if it didn’t make a huge mess?


What if instead, if the egg bounced back.

– jars or glasses – vinegar – water – raw eggs (we used farm fresh)

What you need:

How to Make a Bouncy Egg:

In our original experiment, we put an egg in a jar of vinegar and an egg in a jar of water . My girls noticed the bubbles around the vinegar egg.

The bubbly film on top of the vinegar is normal, but our looks a little odd because this was a fresh, unwashed chicken egg, straight from the nesting box.

Holding the egg seems quite odd, it is like a rubber egg, and tougher than it seems.  Give it a bounce now!