Animal Science Curriculum for Homeschool

Animal science curriculum for your homeschooling might not be a one and done boxed curriculum idea but there are a lot of options for you and your child to learn from.

4H Veterinary Science – Amazing! This is an amazing resource. All the resources that the 4H offers are great.

Animal Tracker Game – Great for any age and a nature walk.

Zoology: Inside the Secret World of Animals – Learn how evolution has helped wildlife to adapt to their unique environments, and more.

There isn’t a lot of resources available for the veterinary science homeschool curriculum but I did find some great resources that you might also find helpful.

The Animal Book: A Visual Encyclopedia of Life on Earth – This inspiring children’s reference guide welcomes you to the animal kingdom.

Usborne World of Animals – Presents facts about animal behavior and life-cycles, how they eat, move, and communicate, and more.