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BookShark is Secular Homeschool Curriculum

I have been asked in the past what exactly secular homeschool is, why we do it. My reason might not be your reason for homeschooling, and your reason may not be the reason your neighbor has chosen secular homeschooling. Secular homeschooling in a nutshell is homeschooling without religion. It is not an easy path, but …

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Snack Time! {Promo Code}

It’s that time of the day again, I’m hearing “Momma, is it snack time yet?” I hear this the minute breakfast, lunch, nap and supper are over. I know I can’t be alone in it, right? As much as I like baking, I don’t like making something new two and three times a day, seven …

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New Office Chairs

I’m sitting in front of my computer attempting to get comfy so I can write a post, wondering why we haven’t bought steelcase chairs. I don’t think I have ever sat in this chair and said “oh this is comfort”. What it is is here and a time waste. I probably spend more time moving …

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