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BookShark Science 1 Curriculum for 6-8 Year Olds

We are science lovers. We love making and doing science experiments. I admit I was nervous about getting an actual science curriculum for fear of losing that aspect, but we’ve still gave it a go. BookShark Science has to be one of my kids most looked forward to subjects now. I look forward to it …

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A Quick Skittles Experiment for Kids

Who doesn’t love science experiments and snacks? Why not combine the two of them as we did for a fun Skittles experiment? Did your kids get Skittles while Trick or Treating this Halloween? My did not, I was completely counting on them to do a couple different experiments. Because I don’t normally buy Skittles it took us …

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Disappearing Color Science Experiment

Disappearing color sounds a little like magic, for your kids, especially if they are young, it will probably be magic. This is one of the easiest science activities you can do at home. It is a bit like magic, this chemical reaction between two things. We love science experiments like this. Disappearing Color Science Experiment …

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