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Scavenger Hunts for All Summer Long

Summer vacation is right around the corner, are you parents ready to entertain your kids all summer vacation? Or maybe your a homeschooler and you want to keep learning fresh during the summer. These scavenger hunts can help. Have them reading in a fun way, making them get outside to play. Scavenger Hunts for All …

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DIY Christmas Ornaments Your Kids Can Make

My girls love making Christmas ornaments for their grandparents. The love that goes into each piece makes them special. Pulling out the ornaments to hang on the tree is one of my favorite parts of holiday decorating and Christmas traditions. But that it’s even better when those ornaments are handmade, especially those my kids have made.  Remembering …

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Disappearing Color Science Experiment

Disappearing color sounds a little like magic, for your kids, especially if they are young, it will probably be magic. This is one of the easiest science activities you can do at home. It is a bit like magic, this chemical reaction between two things. We love science experiments like this. Disappearing Color Science Experiment …

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