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My Smartphone is Making Me a Better Mom

I realized when I got back into bed at 1:49am that my smartphone is making me a better mom. I’d been up for about an hour, just sitting by my sons bedroom door. I was calm despite the fact that I was tired, had been woken from a dead sleep. This would not have been the case when my girls were little, I would have been cranky, which never helps the situation, or asleep outside their door.

My Smartphone is making me a better mom

We didn’t go through this really with my girls. Thank goodness.

But now, I have so much more at  my disposal while I am waiting for him to fall to back to sleep. I start by dimming the screen so there is very little light for him to see.

  • I can see what’s up on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest
  • I can write up some ideas or even posts using my EverNote app
  • I can listen to podcasts, using headphones of course
  • I could read a book (if I had a Kindle app on my phone)

With my Smartphone I know what time it is and there is nothing like sitting in the dark without a clock, in fact we always had an alarm clock in the girls bedroom while they were little for that reason. A minute can feel like an hour in a dark quiet room.

I’m a better mom with my phone. But I’m also very present in my kids lives, something that is very important to me and them. I’m also taking a lot more pictures… so much so that I’m filling my camera often.

What’s helping you be the best mom you can be?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.