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How to Improve Reading Skills with LightSail

Reading. Getting your kids to read, and to enjoy reading is as easy as finding books that they’ll enjoy and want to read. It’s quite easy. Just like being able to improve reading skills with LightSail is easy. It’s perfect for homeschoolers.

How to Improve Reading Skills with LightSail

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How to Improve Reading Skills with LightSail

LightSail for Homeschoolers builds lifelong learners through an all-in-one language arts program.

What is LightSail for Homeschoolers?

SailLight is a language arts platform that provides parents with a comprehensive and engaging online reading and writing program for children in grades pre-K through 12. It is a family-friendly learning experience advancing skills in reading, writing, vocabulary, and fluency.

How to Improve Reading Skills with LightSail

How to Improve Reading Skills with LightSail for Homeschoolers?

Let’s start first with how it will fit into your homeschool plans. It includes four pillars of literacy and it’s all packaged efficiently for you on their site, the pillars of an amazing language arts program:

Everything you want when you are planning your language art for the year.

This online platform and eLibrary adapts to and challenges growing readers and writers while personalizing their educational journey.

LightSail contains an extensive library of tens of thousands of engaging books and multimedia content from respected publishers such as World Book and Lerner Publishing, as well as trusted homeschool publishers.

There are some great books available in both fiction and non-fiction. And you know what features they both have are? Questions about the book for your child to answer. This really gets them thinking about what they have read which I, personally, love.

As an online adaptive learning program that you can use in the comfort of your own home to help you encourage, assess, track and foster reading skills in your children. For many, this means the ability to easily homeschool multiple children. One child can work independently on LightSail while you work with another child.

Getting Started with LightSail for Homeschoolers

Upon logging in, your child will be tested on their knowledge. This is to make sure that your child is reading books at his or her level. There are a number of questions, but your child can stop and come back to them at another time.

How to Improve Reading Skills with LightSail

Your child will be unable to move on to reading books until the quiz has been completed. Once they have completed the quiz LightSail will be able to recommend books for them to read.

This is going to give you the most accurate graded reading levels for your homeschool kids. When your children are reading at the correct level they are going to improve reading skills faster than when reading books that are above or below their level of understanding.

This program is going to be a great addition to our homeschool year, and give everyone something to do while I work one on one with each of my kids.

How to Improve Reading Skills with LightSail

Special Discount

And what better way to see if the program is a fit for your homeschool than a special launch price? You can snag your curriculum for $99/year for Premium; $65/year for Standard as long as you register your students through 8/31/21.

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