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20+ Halloween Science Activities for Kids

Halloween is all about scary and candy for kids. The gross and the fun. Halloween science activities that are super messy are just keeping with the Halloween theme. I have rounded up some gross, very cool, and just creepy activities to add to your fun this October.

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20+ Halloween Science Activities for Kids

Let’s have some, and fill this October with fun Halloween science activities for kids, and parents, of all ages. We’ll be doing a number of these as potions to go along with our Wizards and Wands curriculum which I have conveniently planned to do in October. Especially the invisible writing below.

Halloween Science Activities for Kids

How Many Rubber Bands Does It Take to Explode a Pumpkin? | Growing A Monster Hand | Using Oxidation to Make Invisible Ink | Wizard’s Brew

Some of these activities might be better for after Halloween if you don’t want to buy an extra pumpkin or two, and just plan to use your Halloween pumpkins.

Halloween Science Activities for Kids

KaBOOm Bags | Exploding Pumpkin STEAM Challenge (4 Ways)| Preschool Pumpkin Investigation | Monster Eyes Bath Bombs

Halloween Science Activities for Kids

Lego Gummy Mummy Experiment | Glow in the ark Milk Plastic | Halloween Pumpkin Volcano | Scented Halloween Crystals

Halloween Science Activities for Kids

Halloween Pock Painting with Kids using Physics | Baking Soda Magic Potion | M is for Monster: Math and Science Preschool Activities | Unidentified Bug Specimen Craft

Planning a Halloween party? How about some fun Halloween punch? One that is fun too is the best.

Halloween Science Activities for Kids

Ghost Balloons – Halloween STEM Experiment | Mad Scientist Green Punch & Experiment | Spider Web Tensile Strength Experiment

Halloween Science Activities for Kids

Fluffy Pumpkin Slime | Easy Halloween Floam | Electric Eels | Mad Scientist Slime

You might also want to check out this 31 Halloween STEM Challenges calendar for a month of October fun. Turn this October into the best one yet, with a fun activity every day.

Free Halloween Checklist Printable

Check a list of things you want to get finished this Halloween so you don’t forget a thing!

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