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Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

My oldest is one of the biggest huge Harry Potter fans, she gets it from her Momma. Buying anything Harry Potter and she’s on cloud nine. We are once again doing a Harry Potter themed back to school. Including curriculum and outfits this year.

Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

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The outfit in the above picture, is the outfit I bought my girls for the first day of school. I totally wish is came in my size! I got them at Walmart, and couldn’t find them on Amazon.

Marauder’s Map is well known in Harry Potter. This Marauder’s Map Journal and pen set is great for those who like to journal.

A pair of Harry Potter socks, one for each day of the school week? I have these in my Amazon wish list/Christmas shopping list for my kids. They’ll make a great stocking stuffer for them, and I’ll give hubby a pair to stick in my sock too. 😉

Each Christmas we do a Christmas Eve box which I put jammies and snacks for the evening, as well as a movie or book in to help them past the longest night ever for a child. I think this night gown would be fun for their box this year.

We love our Harry Potter costume jewelry. My kids wear theirs quite often, and especially when reading or watching the movies.

Stay hydrated! Make sure your loved ones are drinking lots of water with these Aguamenti water bottle. I love that these have the hours written on them to help remind you to drink.

Make drinking water, juice or anything else so much more fun, and celebratory with this glitter cup.

We love playing board games during the school year, during rainy summer days. This Clue game is perfect for Harry Potter fans, travel through Hogwarts Castle to solve the mystery.

We love this cookbook. I have borrowed it so many times from the library for birthday parties, Harry Potter themed of course, for our first day of school last year.

There are so many great mugs, but this Marauder’s Map Heat Reveal coffee mug is awesome! Pour in your hot beverage of choice, coffee for me of course and watch the map reveal its self.

There are so many other amazing Harry Potter items that fans would love. My daughter loves, and would love to have all of these, as would I honestly. Who knows, maybe this will be a shopping list my husband could use when shopping for me.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.