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The Perfect Gifts for Your Ballet Dancer

I have a little ballet dancer, actually, I have two, this year, and when these girls get into something, they are all in. They are all about dance, all ballet items, all about dancing. I think most little girls are like this. I love it that about them, and it also gives me an idea of what to buy them for Christmas and birthdays.

The Perfect Gifts for Your Ballet dancer

The Perfect Gifts for Your Ballet Dancer

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Tutu Skirt

What little dancer doesn’t want or need a tutu skirt?! Heck, I kind of want one for myself. Perfect for dance, for partying and for having fun. This puffy skirt with an adjustable waistband and the wide elastic band is never curled.

Ballerina Leg Warmers

These are cute and would/will be handy for this fall and winter. Layers and layers are necessary here in the winter months, and these cute leg warmers are perfect!

Wall Clock

Does your little dancer need a new clock in their room? Let them dance around the clock with this one. Each hour is a different move.

Webkinz Ballet Pup

We love cuddly, stuffed animals, this pup is super cute and pink!

Tutu Ballet Bag

Every little dancer needs a dance bag. Something to carry their ballet slippers and water back and forth in. This one is super cute, the little ballerina on the bag has a cute tulle tutu. Plus, as a bonus, you can use it as a cute little gift bag.

Nutcracker Ballet Creativity Set & Book

Stage your own Nutcracker Ballet creativity set with this beautiful creativity kit. This cute set includes ballerina paper dolls, punch-out costume sheets, illustrated play environment, creativity and storybook, six markers, and all the craft things they do.

Ballerina Dolls

These three little ballerina dolls are beautiful and fun for your kids to dance around as they do their own dance.

Pink Ballet Shoe Dance Bracelet

This bracelet is cute and stylish. Just like little ballerinas themselves. The words dance, and love, along with a pair of dance slippers are cute accents. Adjustable.

Ballerina Necklace

This necklace makes the perfect gift, whether for Christmas or a birthday or maybe for a dance recital. With a choice of lovely pink stones in the tutu or multi-colored, to fit the personality of your dancer.

Ballerina Jewelry Stand

If you bought the beautiful necklace above, maybe you’ll want to think about getting this ballerina stand to keep it safe when it’s not being worn. Something that my kids need to work on judging by the tangle of necklaces I have to un-knot often.

Ballerina Notebook

This ballet dance notebook features the quote “Dance Like No One Is Watching” on the cover. Perfect for any little dancer.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.