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First Day of Kindergarten Books to Read

I have a little girl going into kindergarten (again) this year. I’m doing to the same thing I did when Austin was starting school – a little different because I’m not doing much supply shopping thanks to previous shopping trips and stock piling. We will be getting a new school outfit for the first day of school. I’ve also been reading our favorite kindergarten books.

First Day of Kindergarten Books - child reading

First Day of Kindergarten Books Ideas

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I’m not looking forward to it to be honest for multiple reasons. I’m sure you can guess what they are:

  1. She’s growing way too fast.
  2. I’ll officially be homeschooling two kids.

Books for Kindergarten

Countdown to Kindergarten – This is so cute! I remember what it was like to be going into older grades and hearing stories about them. “Just days before kindergarten, and this little girl has heard all there is to know–from a first grader.”

The Night Before Kindergarten – How much more “first day of kindergarten” is this? Or, you know the night before. A great bedtime story. “Twas the night before kindergarten, and as they prepared, kids were excited, and a little bit scared.”

Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! – I love this fun book. If Brookland were going to public school next month this would be her war cry! “The first day of kindergarten is finally here, and Henry can’t wait to paint pictures, sing songs, and practice counting.”

David Goes to School – Have you read any David books? They are fun to read and kids love to here them. “David’s teacher has her hands full.”

The Best Teacher Ever – We are big Mercer Mayer fans here. They are easy for early readers.

Welcome to Kindergarten – “Join Tim as he visits his future kindergarten classroom and learns what he will be doing during his first year of school.”

How do you celebrate the first day of kindergarten or the first day of school in general?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.