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7+ Essential Homeschool Items

Another school year is coming, quickly. There are some essential homeschool items that I have already gotten, are on their way to me, or in my shopping cart. I love shopping, even when it’s for school supplies.

7 Essential Homeschool Items

7 Essential Homeschool Items

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Start your shopping now, if you use Amazon Prime as we just started doing, you get your things so much faster. I love it!

Let’s be honest, what I think is essential might not be essential for you, and your essentials items might not be mine and that is A-OK! But maybe we’re learn about new items too.


The first thing I ordered and had delivered for the coming school year was this thermal laminator. There are so many different uses for one in your homeschool. Perfect for repetitive work, write on, wipe off.

With a kindergartner this year, we’ll be practicing letters and numbers, and with a toddler who likes doing what his sisters do, this is going to be handy. I know that this is going to be my favorite homeschool items this year!

Dry Erase Boards

How convenient is this for teaching your children? I happen to love dry erase boards – even as a child, I had one in my room (public school student). My kids love writing on them, working out math problems on their individual ones. I do recommend getting a large one that it magnetic, two for one kind of deal. I found mine at Costco for a great price, mounts to the wall, everything can be kept beside it.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Here is one that is on my wish list: an electric pencil sharpener. How much time is spent sharping pencils in your home? The pencils in our house always seem to be in need of sharpening. This is a mini one, it won’t take up much room, and you can hide it away from the kids who are going to love using it as they love manual ones.


This is the MOST used school/office supply that we own. Everyone in our house uses it for one reason or another. While this is the newer version of our all-in-one printer, I love it. I also love that I can get the cartridges refilled at Costco for a fraction of the price of new ones.

Print off worksheets to laminate for each of your kids, for yourself, etc. This is one of favorite homeschool items in our house, Gauge loves that he can steal paper out of it to draw on.

UPDATE: We recently, mid-year, changed to an Epson printer… LOVE IT! The ink is much cheaper, and it is all wireless, WiFi printing and scanning which saves a heck of a lot of time. Instead of replacing all three colors at once, each is their own, so you’ll only have to replace one color at a time. PLUS Costco does refills of the ink making it cheaper again!


Adding a microscope to your homeschool adds a whole new element to your science. You can get them for younger children, or more advanced ones for older children. There are a number of things you can look at, simple everyday things for your kids to explore their world up close. They can learn so much about simple things with a microscope.

We also LOVE this pocket microscope. It is perfect for taking in the backyard, on walks, and most recently for us, to the beach.

3 Hole Punch

We use our hole punch a lot. I had a single hole punch thinking I could get away with it, but it just wasn’t worth the pain. There was a sigh of relief when I finally got a three hole punch. We have to keep a portfolio of each year, a hole punch makes it easier.


We have one of these in our house (the Canadian one of course) and I am always amazed how much our kids look at it at random times.

This company also offers one for the USA and for the world. These are dry-erase, stick and peel maps, which makes me loves them more.

The Smaller Items

Those above are just the “big” items that you just have to have. Not including bookshelves and the books to fill it, because you can store books in any number of ways, and get books from the library. then we have the smaller must have items.

Pencils, erasers
Crayons, markers
Paper – lined, unlined, craft
Binders, dividers
Index cards

Also for this coming school year I have bought:

Wooden Pattern Blocks Which we are going to be using a lot, especially for keeping Gauge entertained this year while his sister do school.

Plastic Beakers These are going to be so much fun to use this year along with the Plastic Test Tubes. My kids love science experiments so these are going to be a blast.

You can check out my Amazon Store for more of what we use in our homeschool.

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