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Digital Homeschool Curriculum

Everything seems to be moving to more of a digital format, and that goes with homeschool curriculum as well. I prefer the appeal to see, touch, feel, and smell new books is hard to replace, but digital homeschool curriculum actually has a lot of great benefits, especially with multiple children.

Digital Homeschool Curriculum

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Digital Homeschool Curriculum

Cost Effective

Without the costs associated with print and marketing, digital publications can be much cheaper, which means you save money! Plus when you have multiple children, you can print off the worksheets again and again without having to buy them again.

Easy to Store

Forget the bookshelves – digital products don’t take up any real space. Simply download and save onto your computer or an external hard drive. If you create files based on subject/grade it’s easy to find it all again when you need them.

You also only need to print off the pages that you need as you need them.

Print What You Need

If you download a resource and the first 4 pages are information about the company, how to use the materials, etc – you don’t have to print them out and waste paper. You can simply print out the worksheet page you need specifically.

Buy Specifically Targeted for the Topic You Are Teaching

Sometimes all you want is something JUST about the topic you are learning about and instead of having to buy a large resource on a lot of topics, there’s a pretty good chance you can find a more targetted tool. Especially on Teachers Pay Teachers.

For example, if you are reading Nature Anatomy and wanted to find something to go along with it – you can find a lapbook, or novel study, etc.

More variety

Since lots of people can and do create digital resources, you can often find a wide selection of the same kinds of things – with each designer’s personal touch.

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Easy Clicks Additional Resources

Often a curriculum or product will refer to websites or other online resources such as YouTube to expand learning. The advantage that a digital product has over print in this area is that they can make those links clickable, no more searching or trying to type out a URL.

Bonus, digital products can easily update the links if they change or go missing.


If you have more than one child or need to go over something again to ensure solid comprehension. Digital products allow you the opportunity to use the same resource more than once.

Unlike the print consumables like notebooks and such, with a digital download, you just need to print out what you’d like again.

Where to find digital curriculum materials

Check with your Favorite Publisher

More and more much-loved curriculum providers are offering digital versions of their materials. Check their websites to see what they have available.

Designated Websites

There are several really popular websites that specialize in selling digital products – Teachers Pay Teachers for example. These sites have large selections making purchases easy to find, download, and use quickly, you are bound to find something in your price range.

Bloggers, such as myself, often offer printables and products of their own.

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.