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Cold and Flu Season – My 8 Essentials

Winter is just that time of year when the germs are out in full force, everyone is staying in out of the cold, hanging around the library together and germs spread quickly. Cold and flu season coming means I am stocking up on our cold essentials, because someone will get one, and our flu essentials just in case.

Cold and Flu Season - tissues

Cold and Flu Season

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I like to be prepared ahead of time for cold and flu season, with three kids there is a really good chance someone is going to get sick at some point. Moms take note, self care is so important even when your kids are sick, if not more important during this time to try and stay healthy yourself.

These are my essentials for a cold, as well as my flu essentials when our family starts sniffling and sneezing, and feeling down.


From the time Austin had her first cold (at very young) I started buying Puffs Plus Lotion. I won’t go back to cheaper tissues. When we have colds we try to get some Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks.


From sore throats to coughs. The moment I feel a sore throat coming on I start drinking hot water with honey and lemon. It soothes and helps heal. I use honey in a hot cup of tea to add a little soothing sweetness to it.

Cold and Flu Season - honey on spoon

Vicks VapoRub

Oh how I love thee! I think Vicks VapoRub is part of the reason our kids don’t seem to get as sicks as we do. I coat their feet each night at the first sign of a cold. If Austin starts sneezing, coughing, or complaining of a sore throat, they all get their feet coated.

Hot Water

Hot shower or bath. Nothing soothes a sore, achy body like more water. The steam also helps open airways and sinuses.


Take naps, lay back on the couch. Movie day with the family might just slow your younger ones down enough for you to rest.

8 Essentials Cold and Flu Season


Whether you have fresh or canned, I find goes down the easiest. I’m not big on cooking while I’m sick, and no one should be eating food I’ve prepared while sneezing, coughing and my nose dripping.


Taking Tylenol can help to relieve sinus pressure headaches, and aches and pains. All the things that can keep you from getting the rest that you need to feel better.

Your Pillow

Simply raising your pillow can help a lot. Sleeping prompted up a bit with pillows can help you breathe a little easier and help with coughing. I usually sleep on the couch sitting up when I’m sick.


I keep a box of children’s and adult Gravol in our house at all times. Vomiting and diarrhea take a lot out of person and a lot out of the parents trying to help their little ones feel better when they have the flu.

Let’s not forget that hand washing can help reduce the spread of germs in the first place.

P.S. I also love my Neti Pot! I just bought this one this afternoon as mine disappeared during our last move. I find a sinus cold never lasts as long when I use it.

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