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Making Your Own Cleaners

Since the post I wrote the other week about the cleaners I made and gave to my SIL I have had a number of people mention about making their own or asking for my recipes. I have posted some recipes that I have used but over the past year or so since I started I …

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Homemade Cleaners to Go

Recently I had a conversation with my sister-in-law how much we have been using coupons lately or the lack thereof. During which cleaning products came into the conversation. I said how I make all of ours, with the exception of the detergent I buy for our cloth diapers, and how much money we save. She said something to …

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Tang that is Clean

Do you recognize this packaging? Apparently its pretty good juice. I’ve never tried though to know. Now you’re wondering why I have an open box if I don’t drink it. Simple, I have bigger and better plans for it. I picked up this box at our local dollar store for $1. Let me tell you …

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