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All About Reading Curriculum

All About Reading is a scripted, open-and-go program developed for busy parents who want to teach reading in the most effective way possible. We all like an easy, well-thought-out curriculum for our kids that isn’t going to break the bank.

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All About Reading Curriculum

All About Reading is a truly multisensory program. Your student will stay actively involved in the learning process with activities that teach through sight, sound, and touch. Students tend to feel a sense of excitement in learning. And they should! They are learning how to think, explore, and grow in their abilities.

As far as preparation, it might take a little time to find an organizational style for you as the teacher to store materials or lay out a plan for how/when you want to teach.

You will want to do some prep work before you start lessons. 

The program recommends sticking to 20 minutes of instruction a day, although I noted that lots of parents stretch that to 30.

All About Reading Pre-Reading Program

  • Designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners
  • Builds a solid foundation for learning to read
  • It feels like play, but your child will actually be learning essential pre-reading skills

All About Reading Level 1

  • Covers letter sounds for A-Z, plus consonant teams TH, SH, CH, CK, NG, and NK
  • Dozens of colorful activities and games reinforce the lessons
  • Includes 52 full-color decodable stories that are sure to delight your child
All About Reading

Level 2

  • Teaches 12 new phonograms, including EE, ER, AR, OR, OY, AW, and OW
  • Colorful hands-on activities make the review time fun
  • Includes 27 full-color decodable short stories, along with comprehension activities

All About Reading Level 3

  • Students learn 16 new phonograms, including OA, IR, IGH, EW, KN, and TI
  • Packed with colorful activities and games to keep kids motivated
  • 25 full-color decodable stories help increase comprehension
All About Reading

Level 4

  • This final level teaches 15 new phonograms, including EY, UI, PH, OUGH, SI, and RH
  • Dozens of colorful activities teach comprehension skills and fluency
  • Includes 29 full-color decodable stories that provide practice and build confidence

We want to be sure your child is placed at the correct level, and the placement tests are a great place to start.

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.