Using Education Perfect In Your Homeschool

I have long held that child-centered learning is the best way to go about education, and I never tire of seeing its effects. Education Perfect has child-led learning in mind so they can pick and choose what interests them, whether that is history or a new language.

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Using Education Perfect In Your Homeschool

I think “screen time” gets an undeserved bad rap when it comes to the needs of atypical learners. The reality is, that screens can help children who struggle to access learning in ways that can seem impossible with a more traditional, textbook approach.

I know you have a ton of online resources to choose from, but that’s why I’m so excited to share Education Perfect and their Homeschool Product with you. It stands out from the crowd and has so many different offerings! If you are looking for a resource that can serve as an interest-led starting point for your kids, it’s a no-brainer.

For Students, Education Perfect: 

  • has over 40,000 extracurricular lessons, experiments, and topics you can pick and choose from. 
  • is easy to use format that you can access on your tablet or computer. 
  • has monthly homeschool learning festivals and competitions that you can enter to win prize money for your efforts.

For Parents, Education Perfect:

  • is the one place for every topic your child could want to explore. There are so many different topics!
  • solves the dilemma of where to find high-quality classes for older kids, because the site is geared toward tweens and teens!  
  • saves you money with up to five learner accounts per subscription. It’s perfect for big families.
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Education Perfect Class Options

One of the subjects my homeschooled kids want to take this year is history. It just so happens that this is one of the many classes offered in Education Perfect’s curriculum and they have some interesting segments within this subject. Topics related to history are all the things that interest my kids.

Education Perfect also has a games section called Dash where homeschool kids compete against each other all around the world!

We offer every homeschooler an invite to a free homeschooling crash course (Live webinar on how to homeschool with EP) 

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To begin, it’s a good idea to start with a free trial, however, if you are sold on using Education Perfect this year you can go directly to signing up and save 20% right now using code: save20. This offer expires on October 31, 2022. Sign up for either right here!

Sign Up Here!

They offer every homeschooler an invitation to a free homeschooling crash course which is a LIVE webinar on how to homeschool with EP! Perfect wants to help you so much they will meet you in person online.

As a parent, I love that one subscription covers all three of my kids. There have been plenty of classes that we’ve taken in the past that required individual subscriptions for each child. That’s not always financially feasible. So, for one price, I can have a solution for all of them that will last all school year long!

Google Classroom + Education Perfect

The EP team has ensured ‘EP for Classroom’ works seamlessly to make the most of this technology. This smart platform pair fosters better communication, boosts collaboration, and reduces digital clutter.

Google Classroom streamlines file sharing and coursework management, reduces unnecessary administration, and provides clarity to teaching workflows. EP for Classroom links into this workflow in a number of ways, from directly setting up Google Classroom assignments within EP, to linking documents to EP from within Google Drive.

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