10 Money Saving Tips at the Grocery Store

With a bit of planning and a bit of strategy, you can save money at the grocery store. With these clever suggestions, you can load up your cart with healthy choices and stay on budget. Money saving tips were never so great. As homeschoolers, we seem to go through a lot of groceries!

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10 Awesome Money Saving Tips at the Grocery Store

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Sticker shock. We’ve all experienced it at the grocery store. Certainly, astronomical prices put a damper on buying food. Don’t you think there should be a way to purchase top-notch food without breaking the bank?

Here are some tips to help you out:

Make a List

Never head to the grocery store without a list in hand. Even if you’re sure you’ll remember what you’re looking for, it helps to have a written reminder. Not only will your list ensure that you buy everything you need, but it will also encourage you to “stay on script” and steer clear of impulse purchases.

Shopping with a list is bound to speed up your trip to the store, too. So, prepare yourself and go get the job done!

Plan Ahead

Before you start shopping, I recommend deciding on a couple of dishes that you want to serve in the next few days. Next, take the time to consult the recipe and list the individual ingredients that you need. It’s a good idea to include some “backup” choices in case the shelves aren’t fully stocked and you need to improvise.

Snack First

You’ll be surprised by what appeals to you when you shop for groceries on an empty stomach. If you’re running on empty, chances are items you’ve never even noticed before will suddenly look tantalizing, regardless of the price tag.

But you can avoid this by keeping your blood sugar at a normal level and snacking before you step foot in the grocery store.

Clip to Save

Coupons are your friends! While they don’t usually save you tons of money, they absolutely do make a difference in your final bill. Check out the grocery store’s circular for weekly deals and search online for additional bargains.

You can even look at the coupons to decide what meals to make. Put the coupons with your written grocery list so that when it’s shopping day, you’re armed and ready to save!

Size Matters

Unless you’re stocking up for a long winter or cooking for a huge gathering, try cruising the aisles with a small-sized cart. A spacious cart begs to be filled to the brim, while one with less space demands that you stay focused and stick to the essentials.

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Food Items Only

It would be great if all grocery stores were set up to meet more than our dietary needs. But the truth is, they aren’t meant for one-stop shopping.

In other words, don’t refill your shampoo supply, grab a new snow shovel, or stock up on Band-Aids unless there are on sale. Instead, pick up these items at a box store where you’re guaranteed to pay less.

Rain Checks are Real

Here’s something you may not know: some grocery stores offer rain checks on sale items that sell out before you get a chance to buy them. All you need to do is ask if they will honor the reduced price when it’s restocked on the shelves, even if the sale is no longer officially running.

Know in advance that every store will have a different policy (but there’s no harm in asking).

Go Generic

No doubt there are some brand names that have earned your loyalty. However, when it comes to products that make you feel only lukewarm, why not try the generic version? The truth is, many off-brands have a similar, if not exact, list of ingredients, but they cost significantly less than the more popular variety.

So, before you automatically grab the recognizable package off the shelf, compare the labels and see if you’ll do yourself a favor by choosing the less fancy brand.

Shop on the Edge

Do you ever wonder about the layout of your grocery store? Would you be surprised to learn that each item is strategically placed to encourage shoppers to overbuy?

In most cases, necessary items, or the most popular ones, are located on the opposite ends of the store and around the perimeter. In this way, shoppers are bound to weave through the center aisles and pick up things they probably don’t need.

Make Your Own

Pre-made meals look tempting when they’re all lined up at the deli counter. However, if you are serious about pinching pennies, walk right on by!

Our kids seem to think that second breakfast is a real thing. Having the ingredients to make another meal in the day is going to save you some cash.

It Pays to Bargain Shop

Everyone loves a bargain, but some bargains are harder to come by unless you have tips up your sleeve. So, go ahead and use the clever suggestions above and see just how much you can save the next time you buy groceries.


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