Typesy Homeschool Typing Lessons

Typing is a must no matter that line of work your kids see themselves moving towards for their future. Finding a program that is fun and engaging is important and where Typesy homeschool typing lessons come in. They check all the boxes we need.

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Typesy Homeschool Typing Lessons

Typing is an absolute necessity in today’s world, so finding an actual homeschool typing curriculum is equally important.

Both of my girls did a keyboarding program when they were younger, but recently, I’ve noticed that their touch typing skills have fallen off. Despite using their keyboard on their tablets often. This is something we needed to work on right away.

Typesy is a typing program online that works by creating child-directed lessons that are backed by intelligent and responsive typing software that makes it fun to learn how to type.

Typing ability is the fundamental core of computer literacy and one of the most important skills any child can master from an early age. No more pecking at the keyboard here!

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Why Include Typing In Your Homeschool?

Without expert typing, it will be slower and more difficult to complete homework, projects, and papers and eventually meet the demands of college and the workforce.

Education standards also agree as expert keyboarding skills are required by the national common core curriculum. Even if you don’t follow common core in your homeschool this is one you probably agree with.

Here are the direct and indirect benefits of learning how to type.

Typesy Homeschool is the only program truly built to engage the most creative of problem-solving minds. Each course is completely child-directed while still being backed by the smartest training platform on the planet.

No lesson will ever feel boring or repetitive, because age-appropriate games and story-based objectives will guide them through each exercise. They are short and to the point.

And speaking of points, your child earns points as they go along, these points go towards unlocking new games. This is great motivation to work hard and complete the work because all kids love new games.

For grades 2-10 there are common core typing lessons with nearly 500 lessons for each grade. For 6th grade, as the image is from below there are 44 hours of lessons! Now that is a lot of lessons! Plus all the games there are to play.

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Getting Start with Typesy

When your child sits down to their first lesson or first time on Typsy, they’ll go through a quick questionnaire, and then a typing speed test. This allows your child to start where they need for success.

Typesy constantly monitors your child’s progress and adapts to their needs. Each lesson is customized for their current skill level. This makes learning to touch type easy and fast. In just a few days, they will be using computers more easily, and getting more work done.

Then, based on where my daughter was, they started with some typing practice, focusing on certain keys. This is the first step to creating muscle memory. The short lessons are just what we need in our homeschool. It took her lesson than 15 minutes to complete.

Bonus – You can use this with Google Classroom! It’s all there when you set up. I have not tried it.

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