Gifts for Homeschool Dads

We tend to focus on mom around here, but dads can play a huge role in the homeschool too. Father’s Day is coming up, honor his role in your homeschool as well. These are fun gifts for homeschool dads.

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Gifts for Homeschool Dads

Father’s Day is right around the corner. I don’t know why I have never gotten Blake something homeschool-related as a gift.

If your husband is as supportive as mine, they deserve something to mark that, to celebrate their role in your homeschool.

I think these shirts are great! They are fun graphic tees that are perfect for homeschool dads to wear and have a little fun with. Not too many men can get away with wearing a shirt that says he’s in love with his child’s teacher.

All homeschool moms know that the day is best fueled by coffee! THesemugs were designed for the homeschool dads to also fuel up during the day.

Yes, you could drink out of a normal everyday mug but where is the fun in that.

You may also be interested in getting him a book:

Ordinary Homeschool Dad: From one ordinary homeschool dad to another, this book is intended to help homeschool fathers to be more involved in the homeschooling of their children. It offers practical suggestions and examples for what a working father can do to help his wife and engage his children.

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