One of the best things about homeschooling is that you can plan every aspect of your child’s education. You plan what you are teaching them, when, and how often. There are some great apps for homeschooling planning to help keep you organized as you go.

5 Apps for Homeschool Planning - Mom planning on phone

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Apps for Homeschool Planning

I will tell you first off that I am a paper planner person. I have tried so many different apps and websites, but I always go back to my paper planner. I understand that many people love apps for homeschool planning and they have many wonderful uses and qualities, and I do wish I could get in the habit and use them for our own homeschool.

The best thing about apps for homeschool planning would be the freedom to take your plans with you wherever you go, unlike a paper planner.

Homeschool Planet

Aside from the nifty schedule features of this program, Homeschool Planet has a strong interface for classes and assignments. You’re able to create a variety of classes and lessons for your child, all while keeping track of their attendance, being able to grade their work, and printing out basic educational necessities such as report cards and homeschool transcripts.

Handy Home Planner

Handy Home Planner is a subscription-based homeschool planning app that was developed by a homeschooling family.  This app is easy to navigate with a nice clean look to it, especially with its feature called Agile Views. Agile Views is a container system that allows you to drag and drop items. It’s almost like your very own digital whiteboard.

Homeschool Panda

Homeschool Panda offers an online homeschooling planner for you to keep track of day-to-day tasks. It offers a lesson planner, calendar, budgeting, books, and you even get the option to collaborate with other homeschooling parents to develop a plan for your child. When you log in, you’re provided with a dashboard allowing you to see your homeschool schedule for the day. The homeschool lesson planner lets you choose how you want to schedule your lessons, giving you flexibility and freedom with your planning.

Homeschool Tracker

Homeschool Tracker is a flexible online tool for homeschool record keeping, planning, and reporting. You can input homeschool lesson plans and scheduling assignments. Homeschool Tracker makes grading more accessible and puts everything in one place. Creating report cards and homeschool transcripts is a huge plus and beneficial when you are homeschooling older children planning to go to college. 

They also have a completely free version that is available, but no longer maintained/updated. You can find it here.

Apps for Homeschool Planning - Using phone to plan homeschool

Homeschool Minder

Homeschool Minder totes itself as a “homeschool management software” (doesn’t that sound techie!) This app allows you to set up lesson plans for every course you make in a straightforward way. They provide you with attendance summaries, a grade book, report cards, homeschool transcripts, and even detailed lesson plans.

Google Classroom

You can find everything I have on Google Classroom here. That included using it to plan your curriculum and your homeschool year.

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