Using Alexa in Your Homeschool

About a year ago we got our first Amazon Alexa dot in our home. But Alexa is more than a music player or novelty, it’s an exciting new way to learn at home. You have seen the memes “Alexa, Homeschool the Kids”, she can’t actually homeschool them, but she really can help you.

Using Alexa in Your Homeschool

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Using Alexa in Your Homeschool

Alexa can be used to research topics for lessons or projects, practice spelling with the kids, read audiobooks when your voice is exhausted, and act as a dictionary or calculator when needed.

Plus, there are tons of exciting homeschool Alexa skills that will help kids engage in lessons and practice what they’re learning in fun new ways. 

Grab your Alexa!

We have the Echo dot and love it, but there are several options if you don’t have an Echo yet.

How Alexa Can Help in Your Homeschool

It took awhile for us to start using it more in our homeschool, we were using it for music which is always playing in our house, for weather reports every now and then, and as a timer in the kitchen.

Ask Her A Random Fact

One of the fun ways that we have used Alexa in our homeschool is for a fun, random daily fact. Usually around supper time when we are all sitting around the table.


We’re big fans of audiobooks and we borrow many from our local library. We typically use the app Overdrive to play our library loans on my phone. When we’re in the car, we can play it through the sound system. At home, we pair Echo with my phone using Bluetooth and we can listen at any time.

You also can use your Amazon Alexa with your Audible subscription.

Using Alexa in Your Homeschool

Amazon Music

I have yet to find a song that Amazon music doesn’t have. It is great for background music while doing work. No more searching for music on YouTube or a CD, just tell Alexa what song you want, and she plays it.

Answer Any Question

Alexa is like a talking Google. She can answer just about anything and that includes math questions.

As a homeschool teacher, you’re not expected to know the answer to everything, but you are expected to be able to help your child find those answers.

Spelling Help

I am a horrible speller. My kids, are great spellers. But there are still words that stump them (and me) now and again. We have a spelling dictionary but sometimes you just want a quick answer and Alexa is there to help us get out of our spelling woos.

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