Christmas Break Bucket List

We take a good break in December around the holidays. I am usually trying to fit in all the holiday traditions, plus shopping and baking and there is no way that we are going to get homeschool lessons completed during the holiday season. Instead, we have a Christmas break bucket list that we’re going to check off things and create memories.

Christmas Break Bucket List

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Christmas Break Bucket List

Christmas break doesn’t have to be all about sitting at home, watching TV.

Go to the Zoo

Some zoos, maybe all zoos, decorate for the holidays. In fact, there is a zoo in New Brunswick, Canada that goes all out. They open in the evening once it’s dark and it is magical. We have gone and I wish we could go back. The animals that love the cold are out in their outdoor enclosures for you to enjoy seeing.

Have a Movie Marathon

While you might not want your kids glued to the TV for the whole school break, a planned afternoon or evening of movie-watching can be fun. Maybe you have specific movies that you enjoy each year together. A few of our favorites are:

Go Sledding

Sledding down a hill with family or friends is fun for kids and adults alike. Grab a sled, snow tube, fancy snow racer, or a crazy carpet, and head for the nearest hill for some snowy fun.

Go for a Hike

Winter hikes can be a lot of fun, as long as everyone is dressed appropriately for the weather. Dress in layers, wear warm footwear, and pack a few snacks and drinks before you set out for some family fun.

Christmas Break Bucket List

Have a Craft Day

This is the perfect time to make some Christmas crafts. Whether you make some decorations for your house or ornaments to give to family and friends, get your kids involved. We love to make different ornaments each year.

Make a Snow Fort

Building an igloo or snow fort is a fun project that can keep your kids busy for hours on a winter day. There are fun ways to make “perfect” cubes for their igloos we have some igloo brick makers that the kids like to use here.

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