Step away from Instagram or Pinterest, away from the “picture perfect” homeschool room. There is no perfect homeschool room. There is what works for you and your kids, and your home. Gather ideas from what others have done, but only use them for homeschool room ideas, not as the idea of perfect.

Homeschool Room Ideas

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Homeschool Room Ideas

We have gone from a dining room homeschool room to having an actual homeschool room, and are back to a dining room homeschool room. Want the truth? We never used the actual homeschool room for more than storage of our stuff.

Our homeschool life is our life. Using the dining room table for our lessons and going back to storing things in a hutch works best for us. If you walked into our house you wouldn’t know we homeschool, you’d just think we really, really like books, which we do!

Homeschool Room Ideas

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