How to Organize Homeschool Work

What is your method for organizing homeschool work? Is it really working for you or are you searching for a way to get everything under control? Let’s talk about ways to get things under control with simple organization methods. Organize homeschool work could change your homeschool life. There are many ways to get organized, let’s just talk about four of them.

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There are sections of my house that are full of school stuff. It just seems to follow into every section of our house. Or the kids’ work didn’t have a final resting place.

Here are some of the methods we have tried over the years, and our one tried and true method of dealing with it all. I do want to add that a lot of these work best if you are a planner. Or if you use a boxed curriculum that comes already planned out for you.

How to Organize Homeschool Work

Homeschool Binder!

I know I say this a lot but, a homeschool binder is the way to go! This is what I use now, and have been using for a lot of years now. I started using this method when we started using BookShark, because their binder was too big for my hutch and I needed to use a smaller binder to hold a month at a time. It has evolved from there.

What’s in my binder?

  • my reason for homeschooling so I can see it every day and remember why I am doing this on the hard days.
  • m month’s worth of lessons broken down by subject
  • the curriculum we are using
  • my plans that I had to submit to the school board so I know if I am staying on track – it might have to change but at least I know what I submitted

Each child has a binder with their monthly lessons in it so it doesn’t look as overwhelming. At the beginning of each month I take samples for their portfolio and recycle whatever I don’t feel we need to hold on to.

Portfolios can be digital or you can keep a paper copy.

Cart Organization

There are a few different ways you can do this. You can have a drawer for each subject. You could have a drawer for each day of the week, giving you space to have two weeks’ worth of lessons sorted out. Or maybe you have another great way for using this to organize you homeschool papers.

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Wall Organizer

This is GREAT for small spaces. We don’t all have deciated homeschool spaces, I did for six months and we didn’t even use it. Binders are great for small spaces too, but maybe that way of planning out things doesn’t work for you, maybe this will.

These wall organizers are great for quickly putting out paper for your kids or you to grab. There are some that you mount to a wall, but you can also get them to slip over the top of your door to save even more space.

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File Box

I love this idea, You could easily take a file box with 12 files in it, per child and have your lessons planned, and have your portfolio work samples all in one place. Just replace those work pages at the end of the month when you grab the next month’s stuff.

It might take you a while to find the organizational system that works for you and your family. Don’t stress it, this is the small stuff that will come with time. Or maybe you just aren’t an organized person, that’s ok as long as you make sure to have the necessary paperwork when you need it.

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