How to Fill Your Homeschool Bookshelves

Part of building your homeschool library, or any library is finding the best books for your homeschool needs, while not breaking the bank. Your homeschool bookshelves do not have to be a physical bookshelf in your home, because e-books can be so much more cost-effective and space-saving for you.

Fill Your Homeschool Bookshelves

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I am a huge advocate for using your public library but there are times when I think that buying a book for your own homeschool library bookshelves. Those books that you are checking out of the library again and again and hate having to return. That’s one of the things I keep in mind when deciding to buy a book for our homeschool.

You can fill your library with fiction and nonfiction resources that are not just informative but fun. You’ll find it helpful to have books on hand as resources for lessons, activities, fun days, and just because.

Stocking up on books for your homeschool library may sound awesome but expensive.

Best Places to buy homeschool books

Best Places to Look for Your Homeschool Bookshelf:


Amazon has great prices for a lot of books. Often when looking for a book on Amazon, you’ll find that the book is available now, but there are often used copies available as well through Amazon, and through other sellers.

Plus there is Amazon Kindle. An e-book subscription that gives you unlimited reading from over 1 million e-books, that you can read from any device.


If you have a Costco membership then keep your eye out for great book series like Harry Potter to go along with your Wizard’s and Wands curriculum. They are often really great prices for new books.

Costco typically has workbooks too for homeschooling, I have found some really great ones for my kids in the past there. They love using them during downtime, and they are great for keeping that summer slide away.


There aren’t always great books here, but occasionally they have one that we want. And you know what Walmart does have here that makes me add them to this list: 40% off.


I recently tried BookOutlet myself and now have a favorite place to get books from! I found the prices competitive with Amazon. They arrived quickly too.

They also have a reward program where you get points for your purchase. Earn 1 point per $2 spent, plus you can do quizzes for more points which you can redeem for books! I definitely recommend checking BookOutlet out.

Facebook Groups

This is where I get a lot of books for my kids. Whether it is someone giving away a box of books, or a homeschool mom selling books that she no longer needs. This is what I do with books that no longer fit our needs or my kids have outgrown.

You can search for Homeschool groups, Buy and Sell groups, and other local groups.

Thrift Stores

Thrift store finds can be amazing! You aren’t always going to find something great here, but when you do chances are the price is going to be amazing.

Local Library Book Sales

This is another great place to find used books at an amazing price. Austin, my oldest, has found great human body books that she loves to learn from on her own.

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